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Our goal is to raise the human consciousness of mankind and to at least raise the energy levels of the wearer using the knowledge of yantras, colors and days of the week that can be tailored to each individual. YantraWear and its subsidiary, Nuchi Mango started 40 years ago with the first and lifelong meetings with one of the pioneering authors on the topics of yantra philosophy, Harish Johari (Tools for Yantra). After 40 years, it came to my attention that these energy tools could be shared with humanity as well as the wearer to create good qualities in society and at the home. It seemed too incredible to have found a simple and cost effective way for people to feel and see a yantra. The yantra has been around for thousands of years and some say since time began as it is a geometrical pattern to describe an active or inactive aspect of the universe. Few Western books have been written about yantras and more has been spent on mantra and tantra and these words have caught on among those in the yoga business community strongly and as such are now common words in mass society. Yantra is the other power besides mantra and both together as Yantra + Mantra = Tantra.

Yantras have been known in the Tibetan Buddhist traditions and are called mandalas. The mandala often is more complex in the symbolism, colors and representation of numerous deities in a single yantra format. The simplicity and beauty of the yantra is what lends itself to being a visually active meditation aid that effects the brain and spinal cord in different regions. With too much information delivered, the mind will be distracted unless one is a highly trained Tibetan or Hindu yogi. In essence, the yantras lend themselves more to the western world or USA market for their wide appeal without necessary representation of deities, religion or any kinds of dogmatic thinking. YantraWear will eventually conduct clinical trials analyzing the effects of the colors, shapes and geometries among wearers and those whose visual senses are perceiving the wearers. This is our pioneering endeavor to bring a new type of technology into the clothes that we wear to make our daily wear have some deeper meaning and inspiration as a direct result of the physical and mental experience we feel by seeing a yantra.

YantraWear can sleep at night without the worry of normal profitability issues that companies face as its main worry is the profitability that we make upon society in reaching its own barometers for success in reaching happiness as measured by the individual.

YantraWear is focused on the betterment or profitability of the individual wearer in achieving something better in their personal life and the environment in which they keep themselves. YantraWear dream pillows for instance are designed to aid in having lucid dreams or just better sleep. People wearing a yantra on their chest would constantly have the sun rays beaming through the geometrical and colored patterns of the yantra into the skin and field of the wearer. The market is ready for a change on a mass scale and anything that can improve the QOL for the individual and finally society is a worthy endeavor to take. When companies speak about customer satisfaction, we speak about achieving customer bliss.

YantraWear shirts and yoga pants are just one way to bringing the energy of yantras into our surroundings through the simple visual placement of the yantra into the personal room or places with a few or millions of people. There may be those who do not believe in the mystical power of the yantra and it is for those more serious into the background to be able to spend decades learning what it all means and still maybe never understand it.

YantraWear stands out from placing any needs for a belief system with the products we sell. The general knowledge of scientists covers the mechanics of symbols, colors and breath upon the brain system up to a certain degree. YantraWear is crossing the boundaries from the older belief systems that we respect and the current science that we also respect.


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